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Serving our clients for more than 25 years
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Trusted to deliver peace of mind solutions
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Our approach

What you’ll always get from us is the truth. As good, or sometimes difficult as that might be, having the right information to make informed decisions usually leads to financial success.

The essence of Wealth Preservation Strategies’ philosophy is encapsulated in four simple words: “Systemised Processes. Customized Advice”.

At WPS we build desirable client outcomes by following proven systems and processes we have developed and refined over more than 25 years.

To ensure that we truly provide the best advice:

  • We make it our mission to know and understand our clients very well
  • We hold ourselves to the Fiduciary Standard
  • We manage our clients’ risks and expectations
  • We help our clients to think long term
  • We engage with service providers that have adopted and follow well-defined processes

By following a systemised process, and customising the advice we provide our clients, we have been able to deliver a consistent and proven long-term track record of delivering peace of mind and enhancing and preserving their long-term financial well-being.

1 Establishing and defining the relationship with you
We will inform you about the financial planning process, the services we offer and our professional competencies and experience. With you we will determine whether the services offered by us and our competencies meet your needs. We will determine if we have any conflicts of interest and, if so, disclose them. We will agree on the services to be provided and the scope of the engagement before any financial planning is provided, including details about the responsibilities of each party (including third parties), the terms of the engagement and compensation. The scope of the engagement is set out in writing in a formal document signed by both parties.

2 Collecting your information
We will identify your personal and financial objectives, needs and priorities that are relevant to the scope of the engagement before making and/or implementing any recommendations. We will also collect sufficient quantitative and qualitative information and documents about you relevant to the scope of the engagement before making and/or implementing any recommendations.

3 Analysing and assessing your financial status
We will analyse your information, subject to the scope of the engagement, to gain an understanding of your financial situation. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current financial situation and compare them to your objectives, needs and priorities.

4 Developing the financial planning recommendations and presenting them to you
We will consider one or more strategies relevant to your current situation that could reasonably meet your objectives, needs and priorities. We will develop and present the financial planning recommendations based on the selected strategies to reasonably meet those objectives, needs and priorities which you have confirmed. We will do this in a way that allows you to make an informed decision.

5 Implementing the financial planning recommendations
If accepted, we will agree on implementation responsibilities that are consistent with the scope of the engagement. Based on the scope of the engagement, we will identify and present appropriate products and services that are consistent with the financial planning recommendations accepted by you and facilitate the transactions as may be necessary.

6 Periodically reviewing your situation and progress
With you we will mutually define and agree on terms for reviewing and re-evaluating your situation, including goals, risk profile, lifestyle and other relevant changes. When conducting a review, we will review your situation to assess progress toward achievement of the objectives of the financial planning recommendations, determine if the recommendations are still appropriate, and confirm any revisions mutually considered necessary.

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