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Our Clients

We look after the financial affairs of a small number of individuals, families and businesses. We have been trusted for more than 25 years to help our clients achieve peace of mind by advising them on the creation, implementation, execution and review of their customised financial plans. These are some of the types of clients who we work with…


The majority of our clients are families, with second and third generations often retaining our services based on a holistic approach of their familial affairs. By taking a view of the entire family’s financial needs we have been able to craft plans which have helped with the orderly transfer of wealth and family businesses. We have worked with families to ensure that their different needs at various life stages are addressed and that the following generations are empowered with sound financial principles to preserve and grow their wealth.

Retiring businessmen and women

Many people who have worked in good careers for decades come to us as they consider their options in retirement. If you are a new client we spend a considerable amount of time getting to know you before we make our recommendations. Truly understanding not only your financial position and needs going forward, but also your lifestyle goals and lifetime dreams. There are some important choices to be made leading up to (and during) retirement and we strive to help you to correctly prepare for these so that you are best-positioned, both financially and emotionally, to enter the next phase of your life.


Highly qualified professionals who are specialists in their fields of practice rely on us to provide them with expert advice and guidance when it comes to their finances. They appreciate that we are not sales people wanting to move product, but rather that we are also qualified and experienced professionals who focus on delivering value-based solutions which meet their needs and dreams.

Advocates & Attorneys

We provide expert advice for legal professionals through all their career stages. Whether you are a Candidate Attorney just commencing with Articles and need help with starting a retirement plan, or a Senior Silk who is looking to retire to the coast and enjoy the hard-earned fruits of years of having to deal with unwanted judicial intervention, we have the experience and industry knowledge to provide lawyers with advice that allows them to focus on their areas of expertise, whilst we deliver peace of mind financial solutions.

Retired individuals

Once you have moved past your income-producing years you want to know that you are working with professionals who understand not only the importance of preserving and growing your wealth, but also have the experience to put in place a strategy for creating and enjoying a sustainable income and then the orderly transfer of your wealth. Retired individuals have come to rely on our technical skills to craft and manage retirement plans and estate planning as well as our ability to provide peace of mind. Our clients have an interest in their personal financial plans but want to spend time enjoying their retirement without having to worry about whether or not their futures have been secured.

High net worth clients

High net worth clients know the importance of financial planning and how the financial planning process can enable them to structure and manage their financial affairs in a way that underpins their lifestyles. We often work with local and international experts to identify structures and strategies that protect our clients’ wealth and provide them with optionality. We serve as the single touchpoint for our clients and plan, coordinate and integrate the solutions that they need to meet their unique circumstances.

Widows & divorcees

Over time we have been trusted to provide guidance to widows and divorcees who, during their marriages, were not the family’s Chief Financial Officer. We help our clients to enter the next stage of their lives with the confidence that comes from understanding their financial positions, what their future needs and goals are and how they are going to achieve peace of mind going forward.

Entrepreneurs, employers & business owners

We help business owners to address risks to their businesses and manage these risks so that they can focus on growing them. We also work with our clients to put in place succession plans to ensure an orderly exit strategy to protect the value of their investment. We also help business owners to conceptualize, implement and maintain tax-efficient employee benefit programs for their staff so that their risk, income replacement and retirement needs can be addressed in a flexible and sensible way.

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