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We help individuals and families to create, implement, execute and review financial plans which are appropriate for their unique circumstances. Whist we offer comprehensive financial planning advice, we also offer pre- and post-retirement planning, investment planning and management, estate planning and administration, fiduciary planning as well as risk planning for appropriate insurances.

We help businesses with comprehensive business financial planning but also advise on business succession planning, buy and sell arrangements, business assurance, key person assurance, group risk schemes, group retirement schemes and company investment planning.

Individuals and families

Critical illness insurance

The sudden and unexpected news that a person has been struck with a dread disease can have disastrous consequences.

Medical Gap cover

Medical Gap cover is designed to cover “the gap” between the actual costs of hospitalization and what your medical scheme pay on your behalf.

Income protection insurance

Income protection insurance is put in place to compensate the insured for loss of income due to an unplanned event.

Comprehensive personal financial planning

The creation of a holistic plan which addresses all your financial needs, goals and objectives.

Disability insurance

The temporary or permanent inability of a bread-winner to provide for their and their family’s needs can have devastating consequences.

Life assurance

The death of a bread-winner can lead to devastating consequences for a family and dependants.

Risk planning

There are a number of financial risks which can and should be mitigated.

Fiduciary planning

In certain circumstances, a trust (local or offshore) can be an appropriate tool in personal financial planning.

Estate administration

Helping survivors attend to the efficient and orderly winding up of a deceased estate.

Estate planning

The creation of a plan which will allow you the peace of mind to know that your financial affairs will be taken care of in accordance with your wishes when you die.

Retirement management / Retirement income planning

The creation of a plan to manage your retirement income so as to ensure a sustainable income to finance your retirement needs and dreams.

Retirement planning

The creation of a plan which will allow you to accumulate sufficient capital and other forms of passive income to provide for when you stop working.

Investment management

The creation of a plan to manage your investments so as to meet your chosen needs, goals and objectives.

Investment planning

Creating a plan to achieve your investment goals


Company investment planning

We work with companies to put in place financial plans to fund future capital goals and to efficiently provide for these goals.

Group retirement schemes

Companies have a number of choices when it comes to creating and maintaining group retirement schemes for their employees.

Group risk schemes

Group risk schemes are company-led solutions which are designed to protect the financial well-being of the businesses’ employees.

Key person insurance

The premature death of or disability or disablement to key shareholders and staff can result in severe financial losses to a business.

Business assurance

Planning for risks which can be catastrophic to a business and business owner.

Buy and sell arrangements

Buy and sell agreements are entered into between business owners to provide financial liquidity and put structured arrangements in place to provide for the untimely death or disability of one of them.

Succession planning

The creation of a financial plan which will set out a clear roadmap to enable the owners of a business to exit these companies in a structured, orderly and profitable way.

Comprehensive business financial planning

The creation of a holistic plan which addresses all the financial needs, goals and objectives of a business.

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