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Coronavirus: Keep Calm & Invest On

by | Coronavirus, Health, Insights, Investments, Markets, News

With the focus of the world now clearly on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), you are probably wondering if you should be taking any action when it comes to your Investments, as well as how to protect your Health.

Let us ease your concerns by highlighting some investment rules and health guidelines.      

What about your Investments?

At WPS we constantly keep abreast of how local and global investment management companies are responding to the market effects of the Coronavirus.

We match your portfolio with your individual investment horizon, your risk profile and your needs in order to keep you well-diversified for times such as these. Hence, during times of uncertainty it is important to take a long-term approach and to ride-out the volatility.

This article from Behavioural Investment is well worth a read. It reiterates our approach, and provides a sensible, rational framework for decision making:

“…being a long-term investor means continually facing risks…. We should have a portfolio that is commensurate with our willingness to withstand them; from both a financial and behavioural perspective.”

What about your Health?

Discovery Health recently released an article on what you and your family can do to protect yourselves against coronaviruses, flu viruses and many other common pathogens. The article also includes a very helpful list of preventative measures.

“Everyone should undertake responsible hygiene practices… to afford the best protection against potential infection.”

Here are eight simple, powerful habits to provide protection:

– Wash your hands with soap regularly, especially after contact with people who are ill, or after being in environments where sick people are cared for.
– Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
– Practice cough etiquette by maintaining your distance from others, covering your mouth and nose, and washing your hands immediately afterwards.
– Avoid close contact with people who have acute respiratory tract infections.
– Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
– Avoid spitting in public.
– Avoid eating raw or undercooked animal products. Handle raw meat, milk or animal organs with care to avoid cross-contamination with other uncooked foods. Use different cutting boards and knives for raw meat and other foods. Wash your hands between handling raw food – especially meat – and any other food.
– Do not eat meat from animals that have died of diseases.

In Summary

When it comes to your Investment portfolio, prudent and sensible investment rules exist to deal with times of uncertainty. Now is not the time to abandon them.

When it comes to you and your family’s Health, prudent and sensible guidelines exist to help prevent infection. Now is the time to embrace them.

As ever, if you have any particular questions about your portfolio or wish to discuss anything else with us, please give us a call and we will happily assist you.