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Emotions Are a Greater Threat than COVID-19

by | Coronavirus, Markets, Uncategorized

Speak with any asset manager and they will tell you that, based on their research, the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 was the last time that markets felt a “terror” similar to that experienced in mid-March 2020. Today, as it was back in 2008, many thousands of Clients simply ignored their goals, which, interestingly enough, had not changed.

What had changed was the “environment” in which goals had to be realized. Despite this, many Clients elected to “switch” to perceived safer asset classes whilst others fled the market by totally disinvesting thereby permanently destroying up to 50% of the asset base.

Furthermore, once invested in these “perceived safer” investments, Clients required a great deal of “persuasion” to re-enter the market and, again missed out on the incredible bull markets that subsequently followed.

Under current circumstances Clients perceive the COVID-19 virus as the principle threat. It isn’t. Inflation is!

Irrespective of the reason for the investment, whether it be building up to a retirement goal, extending the longevity of your current retirement pot, or simply creating wealth, success will be dependent upon the generation of real returns. That is, upon returns that outperform inflation.

The implication of the above is that Clients require sustained exposure to assets with growth potential.

As sure as day follows night, so too do better returns follow bad returns when the cycle turns.

The more time one has, the more likely (or the greater the investor’s ability) to recover from market shocks and enjoy the benefits of growth over the longer term.

Uncertain times greatly enhance our ability to fall victim to our emotions by causing us to take, often indiscriminate action, driven by feelings with total disregard for what is rational.

Our chosen portfolio managers are continually assessing how best to manage your well-diversified portfolio. This proven strategy to get investors to their respective goals based on many years of investment data across the industry has, on balance, resulted in better investment outcomes for all investors who choose to focus on their goals.

Substituting short term emotional comfort for longer term inflation-adjusted (real) returns is not a great idea. You may feel “good” now but will invariably regret it over the longer term.

Be different. Stick to your longer-term investment goals.

It’s the only way!