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Discovery Health Medical Scheme Price Increase 2022

by | Health

Discovery Health announced that they will defer the increase for the calendar year 2022 until 1 May 2022.   On 1st May 2022 Discovery Health will implement an increase of 7.90% for the remainder of 2022.   This means that the annualised increase for 2022 will be 5.30%

Discovery Perspective

The CEO of Discovery Health, Dr Ryan Noach stated that Discovery Health’s solvency ratio at the end of December 2021, stood at 36.90%, primarily due to the much lower than budgeted Non-Covid Related claims.

During 2021, the Scheme has maintained its favourable financial position despite implementing increases for members from 1 July 2021 with a projected solvency ratio of 35.20% for the 2021 calendar year.

The above highlights the Scheme’s ongoing viability.


Benefit Enhancements have been made to the following:

  • Oncology Benefit
  • Palliative Care Benefit
  • Allied Therapeutic and Psychology Extender Benefit
  • Trauma Recovery Extender Benefit
  • Basic Dental Trauma Benefit
  • Assisted Reproductive Therapy Benefit


The following Management Programmes will be introduced:

  • Tonsillitis Management Programme
  • Anaesthetic Pre-Operative Management Programme
  • Dyspepsia Management Programme


In 2022, all members registered for PMB chronic conditions will be required to nominate a primary care doctor for the management of their chronic illnesses.

The primary doctor must be a GP participating in the Discovery Health GP network or a nominated GP network, based on the member’s chosen plan.

Affected members will receive comprehensive communication directly from Discovery Health in this regard.

Changes will be made to high-cost Chronic medicine or Specialized medicine and Technology Benefit, Chronic Drug amounts.

Benefit limits, co-payments and deductibles will increase by 4.50% in line with expected consumer inflation.

Thresholds for the ‘Above The Threshold Benefit’ on the Executive, Comprehensive and Priority Plans will increase by 7.90%

The Hospital at Home

Members will get access to the Discovery Hospital at Home in 2022. Hospital at Home can deliver hospital-level care safely and effectively in a patient’s home for several medical and surgical conditions that would otherwise require hospital admission.

Discovery Digital Patient Communities

From 2022, to enhance support to members living with diabetes and heart disease, as well as those impacted by Long-COVID, Discovery Health has partnered with myHealthTeams.

myHealthTeams is a global leader in delivering access to digital patient communities.

Discovery Healthy Company Enhancements

Enhancements for 2022 include:

  • Updated app interface enabling seamless access to a suite of wellbeing assessments.
  • Enhanced Financial wellbeing assessments.
  • Employees with Healthy Company can fund a fitness device of their choice on a flexible, month to month subscription including the Apple Watch Series 3 and Garmin Forerunner 45.

Introduction of Discovery Pay

All members can activate Discovery Pay to seamlessly transact across the healthcare system, integrating payments for medical bills across all sources of funding, including medical scheme benefits, gap cover, savings and credit facilities.

Members can also access Pay as you Gym facilities nationwide and pay Discovery Bank Clients using just a cell phone number.


Vitality Travel

With the new Vitality Travel platform, powered by Discovery Bank, Discovery Bank Clients that are Vitality Members can benefit from their Vitality Health and Vitality Money to enjoy bigger savings across a wider range of airline and accommodation partners in 2022.

Vitality Active 3.0

Vitality Active has been enhanced to offer members access to key rewards and incentives, all designed to help them to become and stay healthier via rewards on HealthyFood purchases, access to the largest gym network in SA and the ability to fully fund a fitness device.

Vitality is mobile-first

In 2022 clients will be able to access almost any service without leaving the Discovery app, like activating Vitality, booking a Health Check or asking a Virtual Agent for help.

Get social with Vitality Active Rewards

Vitality Members will be able to share their progress and achievements on social media, create teams, motivate each other to achieve team goals and keep getting rewarded for being active.

Vitality Healthy Baby

In 2022, Discovery Vitality will add more value for families with babies and young children through the new HealthyBaby benefit. Members can still enjoy rewards on daily items like nappies, barrier cream and wet wipes in the HealthyCare catalogue.  In addition, members can now get up to 50% back on premium items like prams, cots, booster seats and more.

Vitality helps members stop smoking with Quit Genius

In 2022, Vitality will be supporting members who want to quit smoking with discounted access to the world’s leading smoking cessation programme, Quit Genius.  Vitality members can access the comprehensive 12-month programme worth R 3,750 at a discounted rate of only R 750.

Vitality Special Offers

  • Vitality free for 3 months – offer extended into 2022.